With Bitcoins recent metoric rise to $40,000 USD, I have had numerous family and friends reach out to me asking how can they get their hands on the worlds first digital asset. Below is a simple guide to what I believe are the THREE most user friendly crypto ‘exchanges’ available to Australian’s.

Bitcoin breaks through $40k

The most recent bull run for bitcoin continued this past 24 hours as the worlds first digital asset continues to break new all time highs, trading at $40,000.

Bitcoin first started becoming mainstream when it famously rose to $19,000 back in 2017 before crashing back down to $3200 a year later. …

Carolina Panthers Russell Okung gets paid half his $13 million dollar salary in Bitcoin

Okung who first tweeted ‘pay me in bitcoin’ back in May 2019 has finally had his Twitter wish come true. The transaction happens via his ‘Strike wallet’ which converts the payment made by the Carolina Panthers to Okung into crypto currency.

Strike, an application developed by Zap Solutions Inc. allows anyone to convert a percentage of their pay check into bitcoin. …

Bitcoin sets new ATH topping $37k as total crypto currency market value moons past $1 trillion dollars.

Bitcoin has set a new all time high blowing past $37k and topping out at $37739.08 in the past 24 hours. The latest ‘ATH’ tops off a wild 2021 run that many believe is only the beginning for the worlds most popular crypto currency.

Bitcoin, which was trading at $19225.88 …

Donald Trump signs executive order, banning AliPay payment platform and seven other apps with links to Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma.

The executive order bans transactions using CamScanner, QQ Wallet, SHAREit, Tencent QQ, VMate, WeChat Pay and WPS Office and AliPay, the payments platform owned by missing Chinese billionaire alibaba owner Jack Ma.

The executive order goes into effect in 45 days and states that the apps. are forbidden because they pose a threat to national security.

Separately, speculation has grown around US officials considering banning US citizens from investing in Alibaba and Tencent holdings. …

Goku Crypto

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